Competence through Specialisation

Immigrating to Canada is a very important decision. The process can be intimidating.

It is important to make sure your application has been carefully and completely prepared. To do so you must either know what the rules are or have competent and trustworthy assistance from someone who does.

We offer competent and comprehensive legal advice to professionals, families and foreign and Canadian businesses in all aspects of immigration law.

Whether you are a Professional, a foreign company wanting to establish yourself and key personal in Canada or a Canadian employer seeking to address labour and skill shortages through the temporary recruitment and relocation of skilled workers from abroad, the process to immigrate or legally work in Canada is not without risk. If not undertaken properly, you may face unnecessary delays in entering Canada or be denied the opportunity to work and live in Canada altogether. It is, therefore, important that you fully familiarize yourself with the Canadian immigration process to avoid impairing your personal plans and/or the operations of your business. Each situation should be assessed well in advance to ensure that the most appropriate immigration strategy is adopted in light of the applicant’s skill-set, the purpose of the entry and any long term goals.

We offer a specialized range of immigration and international mobility services to ensure a seamless process for professionals, businesses, employees and any accompanying family members.

We provide cost-effective immigration solutions to professionals and businesses worldwide with a focus on Europe.

We are experienced in assisting clients on major projects, intra-company transfers, in obtaining business visitor status, work permits, temporary resident visas and permanent resident status.

We can offer our clients a close contact to the lawyer and assess the individual case not only as a legal matter, but consider all the economic and private aspects of your situation.

Our long-time experience in immigration matters makes it possible to obtain comprehensive solutions in a short period of time.

We invite you to contact us to further discuss your immigration needs.